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Drayage includes many type of services ranging from local transportation to global shipping, container storage, on the water tracking, arrival at port, delivery to distribution centers, yard management, container delivery, logistics and much more.

The following questions and answers will help you understand DrayPoint’s services and offerings to BCOs and importers.


    • What is drayage, and how does it fit into the overall transportation process?
      Drayage is a type of transportation that involves the short-distance movement of goods or cargo, usually within a port or between a port and an adjacent inland destination, like a warehouse or distribution center. A drayage carrier, which specializes in the transportation of cargo using specialist equipment including container chassis, flatbed trailers, and other kinds of intermodal equipment, often offers this service.
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    • What are the key factors to consider when selecting a drayage provider?
      When it comes to selecting a drayage provider, several key factors deserve careful consideration. Reliability sits at the top of the list. You need a partner you can trust to handle your cargo efficiently and deliver on time, every time. Look for a provider with a proven track record of reliability and a strong reputation in the industry.
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    • How do you ensure compliance with customs regulations for international shipping?
      Ensuring compliance with customs regulations for international shipping is crucial to avoid delays, penalties, and potential legal issues. At DrayPoint, we have developed a comprehensive approach to guarantee compliance every step of the way.
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    • What are the challenges with global shipping and how do you overcome them?
      Managing logistics and coordinating multiple parties can be challenging. We employ advanced technology and communication systems to streamline collaboration among carriers, shippers, and other stakeholders, ensuring seamless coordination and real-time visibility of shipments.
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    • What are the benefits of intermodal transportation compared to other modes of transport?
      Intermodal transportation offers several key benefits compared to other modes of transport, making it an attractive choice for businesses seeking efficient and cost-effective logistics solutions.
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    • How do you optimize the supply chain using intermodal drayage services?
      Optimizing the supply chain through intermodal drayage services involves strategic planning, efficient coordination, and leveraging the benefits of different transportation modes. At DrayPoint, we employ several key strategies to achieve supply chain optimization.
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    • What are the common issues that arise in trucking logistics and how can they be mitigated?
      Trucking logistics face several common issues that can impact the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.
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    • What technologies are transforming the trucking industry and improving efficiency?
      The trucking industry is undergoing a transformation fueled by advanced technologies that are revolutionizing operations and improving efficiency. These technologies provide real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicles, enabling better route planning, improved fuel efficiency, and enhanced driver safety.
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    • How do you address driver shortages and labor challenges in the trucking sector?
      Addressing driver shortages and labor challenges in the trucking sector requires proactive measures and innovative strategies. At DrayPoint, we tackle these issues with a multi-faceted approach.
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    • What transportation mode to choose and to consider?
      When choosing between different modes of transportation, several key considerations come into play. There are cost, Spead Time, Transit Time, Distance, Geography and other more.
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    • How do you ensure the security and safety of goods during international shipping?
      At DrayPoint, the security and safety of goods during international shipping are paramount. We have implemented robust measures to ensure the protection and integrity of shipments throughout the entire process.
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    • What are the environmental impacts of transportation, and how can companies reduce their carbon footprint?
      Transportation has significant environmental impacts, contributing to air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and climate change. Companies can take proactive steps to reduce their carbon footprint and mitigate environmental impacts.
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    • What are the cost factors involved in drayage and international shipping, and how can they be optimized?
      Drayage and international shipping involve several cost factors that businesses need to consider. Optimizing these costs is crucial for improving efficiency and profitability.
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    • How do you handle customs clearance procedures for cross-border shipments?
      At DrayPoint, we have a dedicated team of experts who specialize in customs clearance procedures for cross-border shipments. We handle the complexities of customs regulations and ensure smooth and efficient customs clearance for our clients.
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    • What are the latest trends and developments in the drayage and transportation industry?
      The drayage and transportation industry is constantly evolving, driven by emerging trends and developments.
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DrayPoint offers various solutions available to service our markets categorized by asset based drayage and brokerage. We utilize the latest up to date industry standard technology to monitor your cargo.

DrayPoint currently offers:

      • 400+ power units in NY/NJ and Savannah/Charleston markets
      • Private chassis available for increased service levels for our customers
      • 3,000 carriers available nationwide for scaling
      • Strong partnerships with major terminal operators within our markets
      • Storage yards within these markets for the needs of our customers (storage, prepull, stacking) as well as, transload services and warehousing availability

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