Managed Dray

What we’re all about

On The Water Tracking

Once your container has left its origin, DrayPoint will ensure that we have complete transparency on actual ETA and notify you for any changes.
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Arrived at Port

Great, now lets ensure that the container is out-gated on time. Priority containers are usually pre-scheduled with reserved drivers. We are also big into utilizing free time on dock when necessary.
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Delivery to DC

Is it a 7am live unload appointment? Our drivers are constantly reminded on the importance of on-time deliveries. Drivers that have proven to consistently be at the appointment are very well rewarded.
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Yard Management

What’s your ratio of loads containers in your pool vs deliveries? Remember every unnecessary container in the yard equates to the daily chassis fee x 365. Our team will analyze daily flow and ensure efficiency.
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Picked up from DC

Are we getting close to your Free Day off dock? You’ll get constant reminders on loaded containers at the DC that are approaching the free time.
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Empty Return at Port

Drayage doesn’t end with just container deliveries. Our drivers and partner carriers are held accountable for every day that an empty container sits out and not returned. Our rate of ingated with 1 day of pick up is greater then 98%.
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