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Jacksonville, FL Drayage

Jacksonville, Florida is one of the most important cities for drayage services in the southeastern United States. With a population of over 900,000 people and a central location on the Atlantic coast, Jacksonville is an ideal location for shipping and receiving goods via intermodal transport.

One of the unique features of Jacksonville’s drayage services is the availability of specialized equipment, such as oversized flatbed trailers and heavy-duty cranes. These tools are essential for the transportation of large and heavy cargo, and Jacksonville’s drayage companies have the expertise and equipment necessary to handle these types of shipments with ease.

Jacksonville’s drayage services also benefit from the city’s location as a major transportation hub for the southeastern United States. With easy access to major airports and seaports throughout the region, Jacksonville is an ideal location for companies that need to move goods quickly and efficiently throughout the southeastern United States.

Jacksonville FL Port Drayage Florida

Shipping Lines, Cargo and Global Shipping

Jacksonville is a bustling hub for global shipping, connecting businesses to a wide network of reputable shipping lines. These lines facilitate the transportation of various types of cargo, including containerized goods, breakbulk shipments, and bulk commodities. Jacksonville’s strategic location and access to deepwater ports make it a crucial link in the global shipping supply chain.

Transportation, Transfers, and Logistics

Efficient transportation, transfers, and logistics are vital for a successful supply chain. Our drayage services in Jacksonville encompass a comprehensive range of transportation solutions, ensuring seamless movement of cargo between ports, warehouses, and distribution centers. With our expertise and extensive network of carriers, we guarantee timely and secure deliveries tailored to your specific requirements.


Trucking plays a pivotal role in the drayage process, facilitating the reliable movement of cargo within Jacksonville and beyond. Our comprehensive drayage services in Jacksonville include partnerships with experienced trucking companies. These professionals possess local knowledge, adhere to regulations, and maintain modern fleets, ensuring efficient and safe transportation of your goods.

Ports, Containers, and Warehouses

Jacksonville boasts state-of-the-art ports and terminals equipped with advanced facilities for efficient cargo handling. Our drayage services seamlessly connect these ports with warehouses and distribution centers in Jacksonville. Additionally, we collaborate with a vast network of warehouses and storage facilities, offering secure and efficient storage solutions for your goods.

Intermodal and Transloading

Intermodal operations and transloading services are integral to efficient drayage in Jacksonville. We seamlessly integrate various modes of transportation, including trucks, trains, and ships, to optimize the movement of your cargo. Our transloading services enable the transfer of goods between different transportation modes, ensuring smooth and cost-effective supply chain operations.

Ships and Trains

Jacksonville’s robust transportation infrastructure facilitates seamless intermodal operations, utilizing both ships and trains for efficient cargo movement. Ships connect Jacksonville to international markets, while trains provide reliable inland transportation. Our expertise in coordinating ship-to-train transfers ensures smooth intermodal operations, optimizing your supply chain.


As part of our comprehensive drayage services in Jacksonville, we offer storage solutions to meet your specific needs. Our network of warehouses and storage facilities provides secure storage for your goods, whether you require short-term or long-term storage options. Equipped with advanced inventory management systems, our storage facilities ensure efficient tracking and retrieval of your cargo when needed.

Florida Reliable and Dependable

Jacksonville, Florida, is a thriving hub for drayage services, offering strategic shipping connections, advanced port facilities, and a well-connected transportation network. At DrayPoint.com, we understand the intricacies of drayage in Jacksonville and provide reliable solutions for streamlined shipping, efficient transportation, and seamless intermodal operations. Contact us today to discuss your drayage and logistics needs in Jacksonville, Florida, and unlock new opportunities for your business.

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